How The-Latest got me a magazine job

Sumantra Maitra

Hey...I'm back after a long sabbatical and a study break for my approaching semester exams. Meanwhile two important developments happened in my life. First I was contacted by editors at The-Latest, who told me that a certain South Indian Lifestyle mag's executive editor had asked them for my contact details.

Apparently he liked my creative ability, and writing skills demonstrated on this website...and offered me a post for a freelance columnist in his magazine. I am to cover segments, such as fashion, metro nightlife, home decor, and Spa life. I know that it will bring out a "Omigawd! is that true...?" kind of an exclamation from people close to me...'cause I have an insane reputation of goofily taking up the topic of   the "Kashmir Problem" when out for a casual coffee date with a girl, thereby boring her awfully. I am a typical prosaic soul, with   no experiencee of writing page 3 stuff until now, normally covering political and world affairs. But then again, one should not let go of chances...they're paying me good too, what's the harm in it anyways? And here I am now, a columnist for   Bengaluru Connect...all thanks to The-Latest.

Talking about the page 3 (a facing page that gets lots of attention from the reader), all journalists, at least once in their life, cover fashion shows and beauty pageants for such a prized slot on their publication. I had my opportunity a couple of days back. It was the elimination round of Miss Calcutta. I was never a "body" freak, dumb bell-e-s of either kind bore me horribly. But with those lithesome babes adding to the global warming effect, well,   I was starry eyed for some time, I will admit. After some general discussions, the fun part started, meet the press. I caught hold of one, with legs that can wrap me around twice, and asked a typical cliched, time-pass, page-3 question...

  -   " Do you think that because of the recession, women are finally marrying for love? "

  -   "Recession ?!!!? "

  -   " Economic depression..."

  -   " Eh...? Depression? Am not aware of sorry...but no...women folk always values love...blah blah blah..."

  Talk about turnoffs? I probably had the worst of the kind...

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Sat, 06/13/2009 - 19:26
<p><strong><u>Chris Gaynor</u></strong></p> Well done on the breakthrough. Good stuff. Hard work and determination can get you rewards in the end. I would just like to put a thumbs up to the site for helping to shape my writing and passion for political news commentary. It's great to see the site going from strength to strength. Long may it continue. I love to read the mixed views and news on here. A real breath of fresh air.