New business model that is mocking marriage

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IT seems that nowadays celebrating “untying” the knot is as common as celebrating “tying” the knot. What does this new phenomenon that was invented by a Japanese entrepreneur last month say about the state of marriage in the world today.

After one of his friends was going through a painful divorce process, Hiroki Terai had come up with the idea of holding divorce ceremonies to help couples rejoice over their decisions to part ways. Could someone see the light, or the gem, and invent these here?

In the UK, marriage and celebrities do not mix. They are, more often than not, a recipe for disaster, and, equally, no sooner has a celebrity tied the knot, they are untying it in the Divorce Courts quicker than you can say Blueberry Pie.

The Japanese and South Koreans have made it into a business. Couples rejoice in their wedding vows being untangled, but what is worrying is that this business model seems to be more and more being adopted the other side of the world – and coming further West.

A New York online jewelers, are now selling “Divorce Rings” which will set you back a whopping $3,200 to have one. So the cost of getting married has doubled. You get your wife or husband to be a ring to put it on their fingers to reveal your commitment together, and then, now, it seems you have to get another one just to show you are now no longer joined in matrimony – and can go your separate ways. It’s almost implying that marriage is not that important, and that your vows in Church or at a Registry Office do not mean anything.

While Japan and south Korea may think it’s an easy money spinner, it hardly sends out the right message to people in this day and age who are gullibly sucked into the fads, and trends of commercialism, something that has been a hot topic of late with the UK riots.

So when you decide to get married in future will you conciously be thinking, will I need two rings?

Looks like the banks will be having to urge people to curb their spending habits on relationships soon, as well as nights out, and phone calls!

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