The new fad is...?

Wall Street New York

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BEER. Sandwiches. Banners. People. Mix them all together, and what do you get?


Some believe the Occupy Wall Street is a movement that will be able to spark change in the world’s financial centres. Who are they kidding?


This new found fad activism by the masses is spreading globally, as hundreds of thousands of people across the globe vent their frustrations at capitalism, which, up until now, has been free to do what it likes, without being kept on a tight leash by our slow political leaders.  Or that’s what the people behind the movement would like the rest of us to think.


How many of them are true activists – and not just passers by who jump on the bus along the way?


In July, London saw a wave of violence that had never been witnessed before. It was a sign of the times. But then, we found out that some involved had just jumped on a bandwagon, and had got caught up in the excitement of being able to steal at will without prying eyes even battering an eyelid. It was a fad. It wasn’t a political ideal – it was wanton criminality.


And so we come to the

Occupy Wall Street
, capitalist protests. Word is there are already riots in Rome. Maybe there could be more riots globally.


While there is no doubt that the global financial crisis that started in 2008, was indeed, in part, created by a minority of risqué bankers, it’s not as simple as that.


Those same people marching for change, are, most probably, as guilty as the bankers sitting up in their Ivory Towers. smoking on Cuban Cigars. and drinking Scotch Whisky, while gambling tax payer money.


Oh how we love to mock capitalism when it’s down. When it’s making huge money for the economy we all bow down to it like it is some God, and don’t object if it indulges a little. Nothing exceeds like excess?


Sumantra Maitra, a journalist writes: “They personally heckled Rupert Murdoch, a man, who for all the good and bad in him, is responsible for the job creations of thousands of people across the globe (70,000 in fact). Their demands are contradictory, like ending fossil fuel and nuclear power stations.”


Back to the protesters.


Yes. Whether they like it or not, they are part of the problem – and probably, will not be part of the solution. The problem is simple. People borrowed money, and kept on doing it, – and the government – Labour, and of course, the banks, turned a blind eye, because they thought the boom would last forever.


The solution? David Cameron was right at the Tory Party conference a couple of weeks ago – despite being slapped down for telling the truth. “This is a debt crisis.” Only, what he wasn’t brave enough to add – and he had to change the wording was that this was a crisis that we were all partly to blame for. Pay off your credit card was changed to people are already paying off their credit card debts.


This is the hypocrisy of the Occupy Wall Street movement. And no doubt, for some in the so called movement, it is a “fad” that won’t last?

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