New site brings global 'foodies' together

AS a long-standing supporter of citizen journalism, and the ethos of bringing everyone involved in helping to highlight news, and views that wouldn't normally get focused in the mainstream media (either because it won't, or can't), this is a call for global foodie lovers to come over to an exciting project at and share in news, views, events, and 'alternative' takes on everything food. Since I re-launched the site at the tail end of last year, the response to the concept of 'citizen food journalism,' has been overwhelming. It has had support from both mainstream and local newspaper journalists across UK, as well as trainees, food writers, nutritionists, even support from as far away as Australia, Argentina, India, and the US. An ex-Chef and now food writer, Matt O'Leary, currently living in Brussels, said: "Your concept sounds really interesting: it's good to see someone setting out a stall which sidesteps the self-indulgence of other food sites, and which is dedicated to presenting an interesting new slant on everyday consumption as well as the food industry." And one other supporter told POYP that she thought food journalism in general was elitist, and that it was good that someone had decided to take a stand and attempt to bring food writing to the people. Not just for a select few. POYP has already had a selection of juicy columns, the latest one from Germany, Cologne. The-Latest, (this site) has been doing some great work taking on the British media, in both giving 'ordinary' folk the opportunity to write about the events that shape our world. Not only that, it has also scooped its way to success on more than one occasion. And at POYP, I'd like to engage in both. This year, POYP partnered up with journalism guru Cleland Thom, who runs the journalism e-learning college CTJT, to bring the UK’s first ever online food journalism course, where citizens can learn the craft of writing about their passion, food – and get paid for it in the future. If you're starting out in the exciting world of food journalism, or you're just an ordinary citizen who loves it, and want to express your opinion on the indutry, then why not get a kickstart, by joining forces with POYP and CTJT? GO HERE TO FIND OUT MORE. And head over to CTJT HERE.

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