New UKIP leader is 'traitor' ex-Tory


Malcolm Pearson
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He takes over from the outspoken Nigel Farage, who took UKIP far under his stewardship, and he'll now be canvassing to win the Buckingham seat and become an MP hoping to oust the Speaker John Bercow. Rannoch was formerly a Tory, expelled from them in 2004, and then joined UKIP, was Eton educated, and is a staunch Eurosceptic - he has apparently tabled many bills in the Lords demanding Britain ditch the European Union. The Tories loss was UKIP's gain. Better known for his controversial decision this year alongside a Baroness, to invite Dutchman Geert Wilders into talk about the anti-Islamic film Fitna, which the Labour Party had originally banned Wilders from coming at the end of 2008 - but were forced to let him in earlier this year. There were four other candidates apparently, with Pearson scooping more than half votes cast. No doubt he'll be doggedly determined to push the anti-EU agenda even more...