Obama slammed over climate change

John Prescott slams US over past failed promises on Climate Change< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Former Deputy PM John Prescott talking exclusively at COP OUT 15 in the video above (or as some are calling it, Nohopenhagen), saying that actions should speak louder than words when it comes to America's broken promises on climate change carbon emissions of past climate conferences. He apparently thinks that Obama's speech he's given today was full of promising promises, but that Obama and the US needed to deliver a little bit more than just spin. Hmmmm...Pots and Kettles come to mind here? Obama has apparently said that time is running out for there to be a concrete deal at the summit. Not half. Yesterday, Gordon was, apart from leading Al Gore astray into wrong rooms, saying that a deal would be struck on climate change within the next six months. They might as well had had the conference via video link, at least then, they wouldn't have had to fly half way around the world, only to fly themselves back again with nothing but just words and failed bits of paper. When ex-Deputy PMs' start hypocritically preaching about actions speaking louder than words (and Labour are the masters of that old chestnut), you just know there ain't going to be a resolution any time soon. While Gordon and co pontificated early in October to there being 50 days to Save the World from Climate Change destruction, all of Gordon and co's ditherings this week mean they would have been dead already. Five days in COP OUT 15, and we're none the wiser as to how Gordon and Co are going to Save the World. Sorry guys, your mission self-destructed 60 days ago. GAME OVER.... COPOUTBrown

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