Our Facebook group becomes largest of its kind

We have reached 3,000 members, cementing our position as Facebook's largest independent English language citizen journalism group. Congrats to all.

Let's add other people to the topical, lively people's debate by telling them about the group on Facebook.

And let's build our Twitter presence @thelatestdotcom by following, tweeting, retweeting and getting others to do so too!

Editor of The-Latest.Com Marc Wadsworth, said: "This is an important milestone. I've been amazed at how informed and no holds barred the daily debates have been in our Facebook group and how committed members all around the world are to it."

He added: "One of the administrators is an Egyptian student, Khaled Galal, I had the pleasure of teaching advanced journalism in his country. He subsequently got scores of fellow students to join up and contribute to the group in the fine tradition of citizen journalism."

"Now our next social media challenge is to get more than 3,000 followers on Twitter and make The-Latest as feisty and topical as our Facebook group."