The Parking Dilemma

The Parking Dilemma.

Living in London presents crucial difficulties everyday. There are the usual things such as jobs, bills and the near-impossibility of getting on the property ladder before the tender age of 93. Added to this now is a modern-day conundrum known as The Parking Dilemma.

Mayor Ken Livingstone's congestion charge was designed to keep the motor car out of the centre of London, but there is a more crucial problem brewing in the suburbs. It seems that parking spaces - all of which seem to be for residents with parking permits only - are out-numbered by traffic wardens, three to one. That is the conclusion to be made from a brief stroll through Ealing on a warm day.

Traffic wardens hunt in packs. And it is not unusual to see three or more sauntering along Inglis Road in Ealing, casually chatting to each other and placing tickets on the the windscreens of cars they do not like or cannot afford. Some traffic wardens prowl the streets, searching for prey late on into the evening.

Be warned.