Pharrell clashes with news reporter over 'Blurred Lines' controversy

He was the guy involved in the UK's two top selling tracks of 2013, Blurred Lines and Get Lucky. These days, Pharrell Williams also known simply as Pharrell, probably spends a lot of his interviews being told how great he is. But this one with Channel 4 News' Krishnan Guru-Murthy was different.

The reporter quizzes the 41-year-old multi-Grammy award winning singer-song writer and record producer, on the controversy surrounding last year's collaboration with Robin Thicke. Critics of the song said the lyrics and video trivialised sexual consent and promoted a rape culture. The song was also banned from being played in several university campuses around the UK.

Guru-Murthy challenged Pharrell on the lyrics. Pharrell began firing questions back at the reporter, including whether the news man ever had "naughty thoughts" about his partner.

In a blog post Guru-Murthy describes having an "animated" conversation with Pharrell after the cameras had stopped recording, where Pharrell told him about why he was unhappy with some of the interview.


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