Pitbulls, rottweilers and ....John Prescott!

Chris Gaynor

As the Labour Party conference draws to a close in Manchester this week, we are left with one reminder at how dangerous dogs can be.

Pitbulls and Rottweilers can be one man's best friend and another man's worst enemy.

But in the political world, the K9's truely do rule the stage.

Rough and ready Deputy Prime-Minister bit off more than he could chew a few weeks ago by being embroiled in several scandals, including affairs with a secretary and dodgy dealings with an American tycoon.

He stepped up to the podium this morning like a beast stepping out into the jungle in search of his prey.

But this jungle was a crowd full of political animals all waiting to hear whether the raging bull was going to pack a punch.

On Tuesday, Tony started off by saying thankyou to the Labour Party delegates for their support, but today John was saying 'sorry' for all that he had put the party through over the past few weeks.

A rare sight for a political bruiser to apologise for his actions, but nethertheless an apology that was needed.

With the apology out of the way, the DPM then proceeded to pounce on the plight of Africa and it was almost a succession of dog like barks on how the rich nations needed to do more.

Sitting like poodles were Tony and Gordon listening to this Pitbull ranting and raving - it's just lucky that his bark is worse than his bite as one unfortunate man a couple of years ago found out.

In the audience was the dutiful wife, Pauline Prescott, in cahoots with Cherie, all women together, supporting their men, as they continue to enjoy the lavishings of power.

As the conference doors shut in Manchester, Tony, John and Gordon can all go home and get a few good nights sleeps safe in the knowledge that they havent got to worry about Chameleon Dave until next week.

It's a dogs life at the top!