Playing hard to get with women

Can you land a hot date and play hard to get with women? In the mainstream dating game, dating coaches and pick up artists are always sending out mixed messages to guys on whether playing hard to get with a girl is the right way to attract her. Ask a woman in public, and she will probably say that she doesn’t like a man playing hard to get. On some dating sites, I’ve seen women’s profiles say, “I am not into playing games.” But, I bet if you asked a woman privately, she would say she thinks it is attractive when a man plays hard to get with her – as it shows he is confident in his self, and independent, and doesn’t worry about what she thinks of him. He is carefree. The fact is that what works on one woman, won’t necessarily work on another, but the rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t fawn over a girl you like straight away as this shows weakness and neediness . Women like to go after men that are forbidden to them or desirable in some way. Often, men carrying a hot lady on their arm are very tempting to some women. A GAME OF CHESS Dating is like a game of chess, you have to formulate your move wisely. And, like Poker, you mustn’t show your cards too early, otherwise you will end up losing the prize. LET HER DO THE CHASING Yes, instead of chasing her, let her come to you. In previous articles, we’ve focused on how to use body language to attract women, we’ve also focused on the do’s and don’ts of attraction. But once you have sparked a little attraction in her, it’s time to play (well, a little). DRESS TO IMPRESS Initially, you want make an impression with her, so make sure you wear some nice clothes, and polished shoes. Women love men who take care of their shoes. It shows pride and organisation in a man. BE CONFIDENT This is something we’ve mentioned before, and women love a man who is confident. If you can show you are confident and carefree iin terms of her, then she will be more attracted to you from the off. LET HER CALL YOU Now, once you’ve engaged in chat, and flirted, sent out all the right body signals, not fawned all over her, made her think you are independent, it’s time to let her do the chasing. If you spark an attraction in her in you, you can get her thinking about wanting to see you again. Casually, just hint that you are doing something soon, like going to your favourite coffee place, and then say, it would be great if she came along. Never mention the word “DATE.” Do not “directly” ask her out. If she calls, then “BOOM,” you’re in! Why else would she call?

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It’s important to present a girl you like with a challenge, if you fail early to do this, the attraction will be lost. Women like to think they are in control, and can have any guy they want, but when a guy approaches who thinks he is unattainable, she will be instantly realising she has met her match! DON’T OVER DO THE GAMES Finally, although you are playing the game, you need to make sure she is being emotionally drawn in to you. Women love to talk for England, but it’s OK for you to also do some talking. Most guys make the mistake of bragging about themselves. You should NOT do this… Keep the conversation about her, and about your hopes, and dreams, and hers, but not about the present. Create a mini fantasy world of you and her in it. Women love fantasy. END GAME. If you follow these tips and do not overdo the play hard to get with women act, you will find you will attract more women to you like Bees to Honey. For more dating and advanced techniques on play hard to get with women, CLICK HERE...