PM returns to bunker to fight another day

+++++++++++++BREAKING NEWS: PRIME MINISTER IS ON PROBATION, BUT GORDON SAID HE IS WILLING TO CHANGE HIS LOSING WAYS++++++++ Can a Leopard really change its spots? The Parliamentary Labour Party has ducked out of ditching their leader GORDON BROWN tonight, for now, atleast, after a resounding endorsement of him at the meeting, but he is on probation, one Labour MP told Sky News. Gordon will be off to his No 10 bunker happy that he has seen off Labour rebels tonight. But it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Earlier this afternoon, Environment minister Jane Kennedy quit, saying she was disillusioned with GORDON'S leadership tightened grip - she said it was not the type of politics she wanted to be involved with, with briefings, and smear campaigns orchestrated by NO 10.
Gordon Brown said apparently at the meeting, according to a Sky News transcript: "I have my strengths, I have my weaknesses, There are some things I do well, and there are some things I don't do well."