PM slams Media for meddling in investigation

Primeminister Tony Blair has defended the allegations regarding the cash for peerages and slammed media for meddling in investigations today.

On the BBC's politics show, defiant Tony said that he knew nothing regarding the current situation but admitted that rules may have to be changed.

Party funding may have to be partly funded by the taxpayer he suggests.

He also claims to be standing by the cling on Deputy Primeminister John Prescott, who has lately been embroiled in controversial allegations such as alleged affairs and Cowboy gifts.

Mr Blair also refused to comment on the current situation regarding his friend and close political ally Lord Levy.

But also claimed the Media were very much conducting their own trial before the Police had finished their enquiries.

He said: 'Perception is a real problem, and obviously one of the big worries is this, that whilst the Police enquiry goes on, effectively everyone gets tried in the media, which is not always the most objective and impartial on these issues.'

Tony also refused to indicate when he would step down as PM and hand over the reigns to his likely successor,  Gordon Brown.

It also comes when an old hat from Labour's past admits that the PM should step down after the Labour Conference in September.

Lord Hattersley claims that Blair's cling onto power is 'destroying the party.'

But Mr Blair said he wanted to get on with doing the job.

Former PM, John Major has also waded into the row regarding alleged corruption at the centre of government.

The man who coined the term 'Back to Basics,' but was found out to be having an affair with Edwina Currie, at the time, claimed that 'what goes around comes around and they are now suffering from that themselves.'

The enquiry into party funding continues as several ministers and high profile fundraisers including Lord Sainsbury have been questioned by Police.