Politicians lack common sense

politics2 QUESTION TIME last night got me thinking. Where is the common sense among politicians, and in politics? Simple. It's lacking. Let me give you an example: immigration. Why do Labour not understand that Britain is a small island, and there needs to be a cap to ensure that our population doesn't spiral out of control - it may not reach 74 million, like Woolas said on QT, but that's not the point. Phil Woolas didn't seem to get that point last night. And coming to education and family. The Tories are absolutely spot on when it comes to education. You need to teach kids from a young age that there is more to life than just hanging around on street corners, watching the world go by, dreaming of 'getting rich quick,' and dying trying by dealing drugs and selling your soul to the Devil. Give them the tools (ie, places to go to do things, as well as the knowledge), and they will go far. There's two choices in this country. The politics of aspiration, and the politics of desperation. Aspiration + hard work, eventually lead to solidity in income, and stability. Desperation = sell drugs to get rich quick, get caught, and then get locked up, or hooked, and maybe even death. Which one would you choose?