QR Codes are for the rich, survey reveals

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LAST SUMMER 14 million US customers scanned a mobile QR code, pictured right, a retailing survey has revealed.


The survey, conducted by Internet Retailer also found it was the rich who were latching onto this new marketing gimmick.


This means the fad of scanning bar codes via mobiles is steadily on the rise, as businesses and mobile users jump on the bandwagon of mobile marketing, and how to use it in their business models.


Of those polled by Internet Retailer, 39% scanned a QR code in shops, while 58% scanned them from the comfort of their own home.


The study also found that the scanners were mainly men – 60%., aged 18 – 34, and generally earned an average income of $100,000 dollars. The survey illustrates though  that those on lower salaries, have still not latched onto this new marketing fad – either because they do not know how to do it, or, because it isn’t always explained properly what it is, and how to use it.




A QR code (Quick Response) is like a bar code which can be scanned via a mobile phone. Companies that are using it, generally put it on their websites, or their offline marketing materials.


However, from offline leaflets I have seen in my local area, companies are generally not informing people about what it is, or how they use it. They simply stick the bar code image on the leaflet, and hope people will know what to do with it.




First, with a QR code you need to have a smartphone such as an iPhone, or a Blackberry, or Android phone such as a Samsung Galaxy. If you haven’t you can’t gain access to what is behind the bar code.


You then need to download a piece of software onto your phone, which is generally free – via your phone’s app store – just type in QR Code Software.


When you see a QR code, you can then point your phone like a camera at it, and whatever is behind that bar code will appear on your mobile phone.


It maybe a link to a business website, a number, text number, a document, or an image, or a coupon for an offer.




As already outlined, businesses can use it to provide a quick link to their website, or mobile website if they have one. Or, if you are an individual entrepreneur, you can use it as a “virtual business card” and have your details behind the code.


Why carry around business cards when your potential clients can have your business details on your mobile phone?


In order to do this you need advanced QR code software, which can not only create a QR code link to your website, mobile website, email address, mobile number, text message number, or coupon, or geographic location, but also your own “MECARD”.


Click on the link below to have your very own QR code software to create whatever you like on it...




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