Reid unveils superplans for Immigration department

Current Home Secretary and Labour heavyweight has unveiled new plans to shake up what critics have called a 'mess' in the Home Office.

John Reid addressed MP's in the Commons saying he would introduce what he called 'embarkation' measures once introduced by the Tories in 1994 to clean up the confusion and state of Immigration in the country.

Tighter controls

This would include tougher security at Britain's border controls as well as ensuring that passports were checked to monitor who has entered and left Britain.

But critics such as David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary, have slammed the plans as more 'tough talk' rather than detrmination and more resources needed.

The plans come as a cross bencher in the House of Lords, Lady Marr described the current policies as 'a mess'. She left as a member of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Reid was replaced by disgraced Cabinet member David Blunkett  and instantly launched a blistering attack on his own department calling it 'unfit for purpose.'


Under the Home Secretary's proposal, criminality would be linked to deportation as only people permitted to come to Britain would be allowed in. Frontline staff will be provided with more resources, training as well as technology he promised.

Mr Reid's measures he says are a 'long term investment, not a quick fix, ' as he has made unprecendented shake ups since coming to the department.

'Not a Quick Fix'

Mr Davis also claims that the measures are nothing new and 'we have been here before.'

And Liberal Democrat Minister Nick Clegg waded into the row calling this more 'paper shuffling.'

Employers, students, and persitent offenders will all be affected by the proposed measures.

Mr Reid will also scrap the amnesty on people staying in the country illegally.