A rising talent: Rohan Biswas

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Almost all of the readers of this following post will not be able to recognize the person in topic today. He is a local talent. Winning all the tournaments in his locality and the neighboring cities, he dreams of one day taking the table tennis world by storm. Although, there are some bits of information one can scratch from Google. But now that won't be necessary, because I just conducted a small interview with him. Here are just some specs of details followed by excerpts.

Name : Rohan Biswas
Lives in : Hindmotor
Date of Birth : January 12, 1997

Who is Rohan Biswas

Rohan Biswas

I like table tennis and various kinds of sports and games, listening to music and watching movies.
My favorite food includes biryani, pizza, pasta, chicken, hilsha fish, chingri fish, fruit juice.

At what age did you start playing table tennis? Any particular reason to select the sports

My mom likes the game very much that's why i was admitted, I started playing when i was 6 years old.

What do you do in your spare time

Listen music, watch movies

Who is your favorite player

My favorite player is Zhang Jike

At what level do you play

State level in the category of Junior, Youth and Mens

Where do you want your career to go? What are your future plans

I want to be India's No. 1 ranked table tennis player, I also want to be an actor.

What has been your career highlights so far?

I am 5 times state champion (West Bengal), I was No.1 ranked player in Bengal for the last two years. Apart from this, I was district champion of Hooghly, Central Kolkata, South Kolkata, Nadia, Purulia, Medinipur and Howrah. I am a two time Inter District Champion, captaining the same 4 times.

Rohan winning the 78th State and inter District Table Tennis Championships 2012

How do your friends who don’t play table tennis think about the sports?

The game mainly comes under the shadows of the popular sports, but some of my close friends think highly of the sports and are proud that I am associated with Table Tennis.

Did you manage to find any sponsors or do you play on your own expenses.

Till now I am playing on my own expenses but I hope very soon i'll get a sponsor.

What are your favorite shots?

Forehand topspin, backhand topspin, backhand smash, forehand smash. Basically I am an attacking player. And I am a bit annoyed when I am seeded against choppers in the tournament.

What do you do before going in tournaments, how do you prepare for the challenge?

Mainly I meditate for 10-15 minutes. Calming my nerves, not meeting or talking to anyone other than my coach. Then to keep myself concentrated, I also listen to music.

Rohan and his team in the 78th State and Inter District Championships 2012

What does your coach tells you before a match

The same, to remain calm and focus on the game itself and not think about anything else.

What equipment do you use?

I use Donic Coppa Gold for my forehand, it's a fast rubber and for my backhand I use GKI Chelonz Hybridz, it's a spinny rubber.

What do you think about Chinese dominance in the professional level of the sports?

Their economical condition, physical strength, atmosphere everything is better than any country.
They work hard like machines.

Rohan in one of his practice sessions

If you are in an Olympic final who would you want to be as your opponent?

If he is still playing when I reach the final, then Zhang Jike.

I would like to thank Rohan for taking some time out of his practice hours to give this interviews and would like to wish him all the best in his future.