Rodney King

The Holiday Videotape
A nine-minute and twenty videotape taken by George Holliday turned what would otherwise have been a violent, but soon forgotten, encounter between Los Angeles police and Rodney King into one of the most widely watched and discussed incidents of its kind. All of the blows struck by officers come within the first minute-and-a-half of the video. The Holliday video (from its beginning through King's handcuffing) may be watched by clicking on the rectangle below. Portions of the video, especially the critical first few seconds when King lunges in the direction of Officer Powell, are blurry.

George Holliday Video of King Beating

An Image from the Holiday Video

Click above picture for a short clip. (You will need the Quicktime player)

Second-by-Second Account:
0:00 King begins to get up from his hands and knees.
0:02 King is up and charges in the direction of Powell.
0:03 Powell hits King in the shoulder area with his baton and King falls on his face.
0:04-0:14 Video out of focus. King hit by numerous blows from Powell to various parts of his body--probably including one blow to the head.
0:14-0:17 Video clears. King is on his stomach. No blows are struck.
0:17 Powell has baton raised and appears ready to strike King. Briseno puts his hand in front of Powell.
0:20 King is rising. Powell strikes King in arms and chest.
0:21 Wind strikes King near buttocks.
0:23 After Powell strikes King in upper chest, King topples over and turns.
0:25-0:26 Powell strikes King in arm and shoulder area.
0:27-0:28 Powell strikes King in back while King attempts to rise.
0:30 Powell hits King in left arm as King rises from his knees.

0:31 Wind swings at King as King begins to fall.
0:32 King falls. His face appears to hit asphalt.
0:33 Powell strikes King on knee, while Wind hits King in shoulder.
0:34-0:40 King's head is up. Powell and Wind deliver hard blows to King's back, buttocks, and thighs.
0:41 King rolls to left and *censored*s right leg.
0:43 After two-second break, officers resume force, striking King's legs.
0:44 King lifts his upper torso.
0:45-0:47 Powell strikes King's ankle while Wind strikes his back.
0:51 King rolls on ground while Koon puts arms in form of cross, showing the position he wants King to assume.
0:54 King, on his back, *censored*s his left leg.

0:56-0:58 King rolls as Powell strikes his hand.
1:02-1:04 Powell reaches for his handcuffs.
1:04-1:06 King raises his torso. Briseno stomps on Kings shoulder and King's head hits asphalt.
1:08-1:09 Briseno points to King. Powell and Wind strike King's right arm.
1:10 King is on his hands and knees.
1:12-1:13 Wind strikes King's back three times.
1:16 Powell strikes King's left arm.
1:17-1:21 Wind delivers three kicks to King's shoulder and back area.
1:21 Video back in focus. Powell swings at King.
1:25 King is sitting on his calfs. Koon is pointing at King.
1:30 King puts his hands on his head.
1:35 Briseno begins handcuffing King.
1:43 King is put in handcuffs.