Roll Call of US 'Prisoners of War'

American authorities have released the most comprehensive list yet of  the men being held indefinitely without trial at the notorious Guantanamo Bay concentration camp in Cuba. The-Latest is revealing the names exclusively to our members. Pentagon officials issued a roll call this week that contains the names of 558 Muslims from 41 countries who were 'assessed' by US military tribunals at the draconian detention centre.

Most of them are from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Afghanistan. Britons Martin Mubanga, Feroz Ali Abassi and Moazzan Beg are among the prisoners. The list's surprise disclosure came as a result of a Freedom of Information challenge by the Associated Press news agency.

President George W. Bush has rejected United Nations and UK government calls for closing down the internationally-condemned Guantanamo Bay prison camp for terror suspects. US officials said the camp housed 'dangerous people' who could pose a fresh threat if they were released. Bush has attempted to evade America's obligations under international law by describing those held as 'enemy combatants' rather than prisoners of war.

In a sharp change in Britain's previously slavish pro-US foreign policy, the UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith said on Wednesday that the camp's existence was "unacceptable" and tarnished the US traditions of 'liberty and justice'. The government about turn has been prompted by British public opinion and America's increasing worldwide isolation on the issue of torture and other human rights violations in Iraq, Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay.

The US military admits that there have been '39 suicide attempts' in the camp since 2002, and hunger strikes have been common as detainees protest against their continued detention without trial.

About 460 detainees are held at Guantanamo, which opened after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.
Detainees are being held without charge or trial and lawyers who have visited the facility say many of them suffer from depression. The call by the UN torture committee to close Guantanamo was accompanied by recommendations that secret US detention facilities abroad should be closed.

It called for "immediate measures" to eradicate torture and ill-treatment of detainees by US military personnel "in any territory under its jurisdiction".

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