Sandy and Neelam are nature's war game

Now it is crystal clear that Nature is getting ready to do large scale war on the human beings, unable to bear the atrocities of mankind on the ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Mother Earth’, any more, as the Five Divine Devils i.e. ‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) are feeling that the human beings have considerably caused harm and harassed them. We human beings are overestimating our abilities with our bookish knowledge and thinking that we are indomitable by any forces in the world. We feel proud of our formidable weaponary manufactured only to hit our own heads with our own weapons to die so foolishly. We also think that we can control the Nature Forces, we can invade on ‘Mother Earth’ dig it to suck her blood (oil, minerals, gas etc.) blast mountains to show our ammunition power on ‘Mother Nature’s’ body. We human beings to maintain our Air Forces, Ground Forces, and Naval Forces using ‘Mother Earth’s blood (oil, minerals, gas etc.) and thinking that she can not do anything us, even if we do further atrocities on the earth. We are thinking we have got weapons, missiles, satellites and armed forces, which can never be overpowered.

But, the ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Mother Earth” have got even more formidable powers and ‘Five Bhootas’ at their disposal. They have got “Earth Quake’ battalion with them. If they move ferrociously the ground beneath our bases would shake with that quakes and our buildings, edifices all would fall deep inside the earth within the fraction of seconds in those moments no Human Technology would come to our rescue. They have got “Tsunami Battallions”.  If they Ferrociously rise up with enormous sea tides to hit our buildings and raze them to rubble, no Human Technology would come to our rescue. They have got ‘Tornodo Battalions’. If they start gyrating in the form of Air Rings, all of us and our belongings, weapons, vehicles, would entangle in those Air Rings and raise up to 40-50 feet in sky level and fall down only to get blasted into pieces and pieces and at that time no Human Technology would come to our rescue in those moments. They have got “Forest Fire Battalions’, if they begin their operations on humans all our villages, towns and cities would be swallowed by the mouths of fire flames and only our ashes would remain on the earth and we do not know who would later clean up those ash heaps. If their Sky Atmosphere battalions move into the war field, acid rains, fire rains, heavy size ice stones along with Thunders and terrible Lightenings would fall on our heads causing danger to our very existence on the earth, no Human Technology would come to our rescue in those moments.  In spite of having those formidable battalions they have not full fledgedly used their powers against mankind due to their enormous mercy and affection for human beings on the Earth, despite digging the earth by minings, badly polluting the Five Divine Devils i.e Earth, Water, Air, Sky atmosphere and Fire (oil and gas) and doing all other sins. The recent Sandy Hurricane storms in United States, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and ‘Neelam storms’ in and around India are only sample war game exercises of Mother Earth and Mother Nature. Last year they have launched major war operation against humans on Japanese sea shores and caused major destruction and also to Fukushima and other Nuclear Reactors.

Sandy and Neelam super storms have just shown the sample military exercises on behest of the Five Divine Devils (Panchabhootas). The Five Divine Forces along with Mother Nature has been observing the behaviour of humans, wheather they would change their attitude towards the Mother Earth, Air, Water, Sky Atmosphere and Fire forces (Oil, Gas). If there is no substantial change in the attitude of the humans in the near future in the war between MAN AND NATURE, mankind would face a lot of catastrophe and cataclysm in the days to come. Wheather humans want war with Mother Nature and Mother Earth and Pancha Bhootas or stipulation, they have to decide rationally.

CONDITIONS TO STIPULATION:  Man must unconditionally stop indiscriminate digging of mines on Mother Earth, for oil, gas, minerals and metals. Man must stop polluting Earth, Air, Water resources, and Sky Atmosphere. Man must stop destroying forests, flora and fauna on the earth. Man must stop manufacturing destructive weapons. Pro-Nature Technology must only be encouraged. Human Values must be followed. Bio-diversity must be protected. Humans must learn to live under the Order of the Nature, not they must try to Order the Nature. Otherwise Mother Earth and Mother Nature along with her Five Divine Battallions would move into battle field to settle scores with mankind permanently. By dchaitanya