Save us from "Salvation"

Some one said, that the best way to write a negative review, is to not write at all. Movies according to me can be broadly classified in two types, thought provoking ones, and essentially timepass stuff...Now people watch this timepass movies for different reasons, primarily, no prize for guessing, to spend off-time. Some movies among them are linked with nostalgia, fond childhood or youth memories. Now among these timepass movies, many are irritating, some are annoying, most are dumb...But I never felt disgusted after watching any movie, like I did, after   "Terminator 4:Salvation". I thought of not writing about it, but the way it jarred the foundations of my sensitive soul, I couldn't ignore.  


These days, one is more and more noticing a trend, of breaking away, and experimenting, among the Directors. We have seen that, in the last couple of Bond movies.   While being a non-conformist is good, (am not much of a tradition-ist myself) one should not experiment so much, as to destroy the essential qualities which makes the franchisee, out of the worldly, and different from the others. The raging, immortal, creative fire within the directors, however finds their first victim in the theme musics. Needless to say for those who've watched, they almost raped the theme of the Terminator. The new one was pungent, left a bad taste. But anyways, the directors are gods, we mortals, and it's their creative freedom. Next the post apocalyptic war scene. Remember the first two movies...laser guns and all? Again, experimentation is the key-word. Result, a "Transformers" meets "Black Hawk Down" meets "28 Weeks Later" meets "War of the Worlds". Terminators fought with napalm bombs, and yes...bullets. The seemingly indestructible, remorseless, pitiless, merciless, killng machines of the first two movies, destroyed by a couple of single bullet shots fired from an assault rifle, in the first scene by John Connor. Unbelievable!


John Connor, "the man who taught us to fight", the iron disciplined leader, with a humane heart. Poof! Just vanished. No traits of the previous confused but strong willed man anymore, this John Connor almost makes a round table conference with his wife, the angelically pretty Bryce Dallas Howard, (perhaps the only good thing in the movie!) before any decision. Grimy, overboiled, Christian Bale, clearly is still not out of his "Dark Knight" hangover, same hoarse voice, expressionless face, and needlessly loud acting. They used to do better than that in the 70's Hammer Horror movies!


The Terminator, who was actually supposed to be stern and expressionless, panting, raising eyebrows, twiching and curling lips, and looking among all utterly dumb. Why? Because of the terribly brainy explanation of him having a human heart along with a machine one! (They must have needed a hell lot of time, and two pots of Marijuana, to come out with that stuff!) His human heart, allows him to grow a stubble! Again...unbelievable! Sam worthington, with a hilarious Australian accent, (Th naymes Morkos Wroight!) is the new T-600. And the Computer generated Arnold's T-800, (or was it real?), almost with a semi-comical can't get worse than this!


Before ending...some words of advice to the directors, fans, producers and common men like us. A terminator, a James Bond, a John Rambo, or a Rocky Balboa, is/are not just a movie/character. They are cultural icons, reflections of a fondly remembered lost time. Please don't destroy them in the name of creativity. I just wish there is some sort of a movement, a protest, or a website launch, or stop, what could be best described as cultural Blasphemy...


A -5 star from me!


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