A Short Observation

There was an article in ES Magazine in February about Natalie Imbruglia, or Umbrella-stand as I believe she is widely known. In reference to her the early stages of her relationship with Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns it says:

"The couple first met in 1999 when Natalie went to one of Silverchair's London gigs, but after dating a year, they split up because they couldn't bear being apart."

Now is it just me? Or is it slack journalism? Let me explain: "they split up because they couldn't bear being apart." Um. Exactly how does splitting with someone make that better? If the problem is not spending enough time together, then how come the solution is to spend even less?

Splitting up will not cure this problem. What they needed to do was to spend more time together. Didn't anybody tell them that they were going about it all wrong? Doh!

Tthe thing is, it's easy to work out what the journalist meant, but between what was meant and what was written is a chasm of ambiguity the size of the Grand Canyon.