sizzling summer or cool getaway?

'We're all going on a Summer holiday. No more working for a week or two.'

This is the tune that the Politicians will be singing as the longly awaited summer recess kicks off.

In there case three months until the eagerly awaited Party Conference season. Lucky them.

Ice creams and barbecues all around?

As the searing heat lingers over  all of us - where might our elected representatives be heading to this summer? Brighton Pier? Lake District?

Tony and family may well be heading off to cooler pastures in search of some restbite over the intense fiascos still hanging over him like a cloud over his authority.

With Gordon just becoming a father for the second time, it may be a long while before he can whistle to the sound of white sandy beaches and peaceful walks with Sarah. Nappies and Bottles will certainly be on the menu for him. No time to think about challenging Tony for the premiership?

John and Pauline Prescott may well be contemplating going into hiding to escape the pressure of the media lens.

But what will our backbench MP's be whistling this summer? Could it be the distant Party Conferences in September where all eyes will be on whether Tony can cling on any longer?

Or will it just be a relaxing end of year Barbecue with the kids forgetting about the woes of parliament?

Either way, September is just around the corner. I can't wait for the political daggers to come out then!