Snowflakes fall as Obama keeps his eye on the prize

Margaret Busby - in Silver Spring, Maryland

Greetings from DC. Got in to Washington's Dulles airport last night to a feeling of excitement and anticipation everywhere (from the British Airways pilot: "If you're here for the inauguration of President Barack Obama we wish you very good luck with that and have a very good day on Tuesday" to the Black immigration officer, who intoned, with clear pride: "I don't need to ask you why you're here...").

Boy, it's cold here! In fact as I look out of the window I see snowflakes falling. Haven't been anywhere yet (currently watching Eyes on the Prize on Tv), though my brother-in-law, Ibrahim Keita, (pictured) who campaigned with Obama has invited me to a seminar on Africa at the Nigerian embassy this afternoon and there will be a choice of parties with friends tonight.

There'll be an even bigger one tomorrow when Barack Obama is inaugurated as the first African American US President and creates a very special piece of history for us all on both sides of the Atlantic.