Speaker is going, when will Gordon quit?

MUMBLING Speaker Michael Martin will resign on the June 21 next month. Good. A day too late though, in my opinion. Why couldn't he have put everyone out of their misery yesterday - while creating the farce that was his short statement and apology? Now, when will ditherer GORDON BROWN grow some bottle, get in his troughing car, drive down to Buckingham Palace, and call that general election?????? He might then gain more respect from all quarters, including Her Majesty.
Tory MP Douglas Carswell, who signed the motion of no confidence in Martin, must be celebrating with glee today with this scalp claimed against him. The hunt for a new Speaker begins in earnest. Ofcourse, getting rid of Martin does not provide closure on what still is perceived a corrupt and out of date system. But it's a start.
Another victory for the right, liberals and those in secret on the left who have been sensing blood for weeks. Now, tell GORDON to pack his bags, here. Over 60,000 have now signed the petition calling him to quit his bunker.