Sticking to their seats like glue

++++++++++BREAKING NEWS+++++++++++ Margaret Beckett up for Speaker role Labour MP and former cabinet minister of many talents Margaret Beckett will apparently run for Speaker of the House, reports have suggested. Her reason for standing is this: "We have got very considerable problems in Parliament... I hope I can help us deal with that." Not half! Whether Beckett can help deal with it remains to be seen. Anne Widdecombe would be a much safer option for the role. She is honest, doesn't mince her words, and has been up till now an honourable member of parliament. And wasn't it supposed to be a Tory or Lib Dem sitting in the chair next? Is this another indication of Labour MPs literally trying to cling on to those all powerful seats? Their bums seem to stick to them like glue, don't they.... Video is of Beckett defending her expenses claims a few weeks ago on QT.