Story of the First Failure courier service

Well, I couriered a parcel from Mumbai to Paris, through on 4th December.


It still didn’t reach.


Here’s the email that I wrote that went unanswered too…The text of my email: “ Sir, I am a Freelance Journalist and Public Relation executive from Mumbai. I parceled a courier through your company to France on the 4th of December.

Here are the details, It still didn't reach, and your company is not being able to provide an answer as to why this delay is caused.


Apart from the sheer insensitivity, callousness, and incredible irresponsibility in performance, I am appalled at the attitude and disrespect of your company. I don't know the parcel, or any whereabouts of it, where it is at this present point of time, and whether will it be delivered in the near future. I want an immediate response to my grievances, as the damage is already overwhelming, as I couldn't reach the parcel to the respective recipient within time, so its was a broken promise, with no fault of mine. Also the mental agony it is causing me is tremendous, as I don't know any thing about the parcel now. Kindly response ASAP, otherwise, I would take necessary steps in the consumer forum courts, and negative media coverages alongwith.

Thanks and regards,


Sumantra Maitra 9769127041 “



Speaks Volumes of the efficiency and service of the Courier industry of one of the growing economies of the World!