Surrey sex attacker jailed

A serial sex attacker who preyed on young girls in Surrey has been jailed for 13 years for crimes committed more than 10 years ago.

The Claygate man who had been labelled as a 'professional' by work colleagues took on a dual identity and preyed on young school girls in and around the Claygate area from the late 80's to early 90's.

Posing as a tramp, he would lure his victims into secluded areas, and then brutally attack them.

Antony Du boise, 58, was arrested in  2005 for an unrelated offence, and it was only after DNA samples taken from him revealed his connection to horrific sex attacks spanning more than ten years.

Metropolitan Police launced its Cold Case Sapphire Unit in 2003, to investigate unsolved rape crimes and found that his DNA matched two incidents relating to sex crimes in 1995.

De Boise pleaded guilty on the 14 June 2006 and was subsequently jailed for what the Met Police called his 'reign of terror.'

Detective Constable Andy Lawrence, of the Cold Case Sapphire Unit, said: ' De Boise caused mass panic in the area. He was a predatory sexual offender who preyed on young and vulnerable children. He acted with no regard other than to satisfy his sexual lust. I am relieved this man has been caught after a seven year reign of terror. The Met is committed to investigating rape and the Cold Case team is part of that committment. We have two messages; to the victims of unsolved stranger rapes - we will not forget you. And to the offenders - justice will catch up with you.'