Syrian protesters miss Bush!

I found a great photo today. The Syrian protesters, butchered daily by human oddity Assad junior, is missing George W Bush very much. Isn't that strange? Aren't we made to believe that W was the most hated statesman in the Arab World? But no...the linear monochromatic commentary is false somewhere...and perhaps it is time to look back at history with the objective and unbiased eyes of wisdom. 


Bush junior has mixed legacy. He fumbled horribly and made a mess of his cause for Iraq war. Remember, I didn't say he made a mess of the Iraq war...disposing a brutal dictator who killed tens of thousands of his own people is not bad at all. People said Iraq will be the new Vietnam, which is also untrue. Even being the bloodiest US war on foreign soil since Vietnam, it is far from being a repitition, even quoting the most liberal of news sources. But he went to war citing reasons which are unsubstantiated thus far, and which made him look like a liar. (It is a different issue that every major power followed his policy, the latest being Libya...but he still gets the blame for all the evil in the World...)


But what people forget is his foreign policy successes, which are not less. Brinkmanship with Iran and North Korea leading to the collapse of the economy of the two countries, going against his party in support of two state theory on Palestine, changing half a century old US foreign relation with India and creating a nuclear deal, confronting Russia over East Europe missile defence, starting of Drone operation over Af-Pak, which though had collateral damage, is still much less destructive, and more cost effective than outright war...a success "darling of the liberals" Obama is silently following without much oppisition from his party. And finally, the most important aspect which many deliberately ignore. Bush's Africa Aid. Not one statesman, in the history of mankind was more supportive and did more for Africa, than Bush. 


Perhaps history will judge him kindly. I really do hope there is someday an objective analysis of Bush...rather than the interminable dross we read everyday. 


That's it basically. Sorry for my long absence, the reason is this. I am moving to New Zealand. I wanted to go to UK. But David Cameron apparently thinks UK is not in need of educated researchers, and changed the immigration policy much. So tough luck there!


I will write from NZ, or Aotearoa, as it is known in Maori...which means the land of the long white clouds. 


Till then!