Ten Tips To Get Over Him

Deborah Hobson

Girls, we all know what happens when a celebrity marriage or love union ends. If you're A list actress Demi Moore, former wife of Hollywood action man Bruce Willis or actress turned fashion designer Sadie Frost, divorced from film star Jude Law, you have a head-to-toe makeover, furnish yourself with a succession of younger lovers and get photographed at the most exclusive nightspots in London and New York. For ladies without a luxury lifestyle to cushion the pain of a busted relationship, here are The-Latest's essential tips to get you out of "heartbreak hotel";

1. Ensure your break-up happens on a Friday so that you've got the weekend to  recover.

2. Stock up on necessary provisions-chocolates, ice cream, popcorn and all the other feel good foods. You're going to need them.

3. Have an ample supply of tissues.

4. Do phone your best friend at least five times a day, she'll understand.

5. Keep telling yourself 'he was rat, a two-timing scum bag and you're better off without him' at least 10 times a day.
6. Play all your favourite CDs, especially I Will Survive and not the songs you enjoyed together.

7. Don't tell your mum, she'll only say "I told you so".

8. Don't answer the phone immediately if it rings. It might be him. You're best friend knows the code- three rings then you'll call her back.

9. Don't watch any romantic films on TV. Love Story might be on for the 15th time, check the schedules.
10. "You didn't love him. He wasn't the best thing that happened to you, you were the best thing that happened to him". Chant this 20 times a day.