Charles Howgego, editor of The Big Issue, the award-winning campaigning publication for the homeless, says:  "It is not often that something is genuinely new but The-Latest is an example of that. It is cutting edge and innovative and involves ordinary people in the dissemination of news."

"This looks like a great initiative," enthuses Matthew Eltringham, BBC Assistant Editor of interactivity (user generated content).

"Initial reaction on seeing the website: a fresh source of ideas and information for Sky News!" says Rob Kirk, editorial development manager, Sky TV.

"The site looks good. I hope it goes from strength to strength," comments Robin Elias, managing editor, ITV News. 

Respected American website, Online Journalism Blog, describes The-Latest as "a surprisingly diverse site, taking in columns, community news, world news, and everything in between".

"Well done for setting up this exciting new site. I think it is great that you are open to contributions from not only well-known writers but students and anyone who has something important to say. This is the public sphere incarnate. Habermas should be delighted," says Paul Lashmar, the investigative television, radio and print journalist.

British Guardian newspaper columnist Gary Younge says enthusiastically that we're "really sharp and distinctive".

"I hope The-Latest continues its success. It's certainly on my bookmarks," John Wellington, managing editor of the Mail on Sunday.

And journalism Professor Richard Keeble, of Lincoln University, says: "Overall I think you are doing wonders with the site."

World Development Movement's Effie Jordan says: "The-Latest looks professional and easy to navigate". She adds: "It is good to have  'non-mainstream media relatively agenda-free' voices. What a great space for people to be heard."

Paul Collins, of War on Want, said: "Congratulations on The-Latest.Com as a valuable space for citizen journalism."

From South Africa, Jackie Motsepe, head of marketing and public affairs at the National Film and Video Foundation, says: "I went onto your website and it is really interesting, varied and rich with news and information. It has helpful tips and is really good. I'll be visiting often."

Britain's most famous human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says: "This style of citizen journalism is a very effective way to beat the stranglehold of the big-monied media moguls and the often narrow, superficial, managed and sexed-up news agenda of much of the mainstream media."

"Thank you for initiating progressive journalism. I will spread the word," comments Thamsanqa Zhou, co-ordinator, Global Zimbabwe Forum-UK.

Chris Gaynor, a former journalism student and a prolific blogger, observes: "The-Latest has helped a lot to shape my writing and given me a platform to promote my passion for citizen journalism."

Contributor Meliha Hayat remarks: "I owe a lot to this site; without it I don't know how I would get my work out into the world, so thanks guys! Hurray for The-Latest.

"I really respect what you guys are doing and producing," says Richard Wolff, photographer.

And mobile phone giant Nokia UK told us: "Your site and concept is very strong."

What does the news media think of our scoops?

Press Gazette, the trade paper of the British newspaper industry, headlined an article about McGrathgate: "Citizen journalism takes first UK scalp".