They still don't get it, do they?

Earlier this afternoon I watched the BBC One Sunday Politics Show, and listened to Luton MP Margaret Moran defend her position on her claims for her troughings on her second home allowances.
Her excuse was simple: "I have to be able to have a proper family life sometimes, which I can't do unless I have er, you know, I, I share the costs of the Southampton home with him (her partner)."
Her interview sparked outrage from viewers in the comments section - and rightly so. Why do MPs feel the need to use their 'family' life, or lack of it as an excuse. These people went into politics, and, like in any other high powered industry, whether it be business, or another, family life unfortunately has to be a sacrifice. It's not nice, but it's the reality. You either live poor, and have a family life, or, you work work work, and sacrifice your family life to get on the ladder of riches. Those are the paths we choose in life. You can't have your cake and eat it. Well, some people try to.
Moran ended in defiance, and said she wasn't resigning her Luton seat: "Well I, no, I haven't because I haven't done anything wrong. You know, if you haven't done anything wrong, what is there to resign for."
Well, the court of public opinion believes, rightly or wrongly otherwise woman, and the outrage in the video above says it all. And another thing, politcians, some of them just don't get it still do they?