Thousands expected at film screenings

A huge festival for cinema buffs that is taking place soon was co-founded by Naqisa Silva, a film student of the London school of the arts, Umar Khan a graduate in the Communications and Media from Brunel University; and Suchi Zhao, a financial analyst at the Hermes Group.

Student Film Festival 2011 will take place in London.

The festival is programmed to display 200 international films and award artists in eight categories including short animations and features to be selected by an international jury.

A local audience of 10,000 students and industry professionals is expected to attend multiple screenings in London.

This is a great opportunity for young people to showcase their filming abilities and creative talents to a wide audience in producing high quality professional films, documentaries from any genres.

The festival is a way of integrating everyone who loves films or has an interest in films together to celebrate the achievements of the students who have produced the films and it is a great chance to meet some famous people, celebrities, and filmmakers. It is a event where people can learn more about film, the behind the scenes of making a film, how to produce, create and edit films.

The main mission that Student Film Festival London is providing a solid ground for young talent to stand on.

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