A time for introspection...

Let's just say that I was waiting for this to happen. The cry of the great patriotic Indian media goes in vain, as it is proved that the "racially motivated" attack on the Indian born journalist in Australia, who was attacked while investigating an immigration scam, was basically by an Indian only, "a guy wearing a turban, threatening in Hindi", according to her own words. In this classic case, which left the Indian media red-faced, the reporter, a 28 year long resident of Australia, said that she was "appalled" at the way the Indian media has treated as a racial attack, adding that it's "one of her own".  
    Now what do we have to say? I guess we don't have any words. One may wonder, as to whether I am justifying racism in any forms, well I do not justify racism against us, just as I don't justify racism practiced by us either. India is a hypocritical nation, an ersatz society, with age old taboos and mindset deeply ingrained in the average psyche. It can be proven from the ugly television commercials promoting fairness creams for skin, to marriage ads searching a fair bride. Surely we have not forgotten the time when two African-American performers, were not given the chance to be cheerleaders in Indian Premier league? Or the innumerable amount of rape and murder cases, against White tourists, like Scarlett Keeling, and Dawn Emilie Griggs?  We are racist folks, admit it or not, but that's a fact. Our perverted sense of prejudice, always tells us that white flesh is a social acceptance standard, from the coaches and support staffs of Indian Cricket and Football teams, the bartenders and chefs in the 5 stars, to Bollywood's fascination of European models and B grade actresses.
    As Jug Suraiya said in his blog, " No wonder we can't stand racism, It reminds us disquietingly of the face we see in our own mirror. "  
    That echoes my exact sentiment.