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December 01, 2023

UK households faced worse winter amid cost-of-living crisis

Britain’s energy regulator has increased the maximum price suppliers can charge for a typical household’s annual gas and electricity use.  The move is expected to fuel the...

Campaign to stop Rupert Murdoch's global domination of media

The internet based campaigns group Avaaz which describes itself as "a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere" are seeking to galvanize multi-nation public support for action to put a halt to Australian media baro ...

A high speed, affectionate look at Brixton, south London

Directed by Richard Guard, this short film aims to portray Brixton, south London, at its best with the "frenetic market, mellow chaos of commuters and the tenderness of lovers" - a far cry from this district's troubled past.

Top 10 best daredevil jumps


Moment anti-fees protester is dragged from wheelchair by police

See The-Latest related story: http://www.the-latest.com/outrage-over-bbc-interview-disabled-protestor-grows.

Mass student protests outside Houses of Parliament

Over 30,000 students marched to Parliament today in the UK as a powerful protest against the planned tripling of tuition fees and the creation of a market in education. They were joined by education workers, trades unionists and other supporters.Some prote ...

Student occupation of Cambridge university

'Saturday Night Live' newcomer Jay Pharoah wows audiences with A-list celebrity impressions

US Saturday Night Live newcomer Jay Pharoah has already proven that he has the chops for live comedy, wowing audiences this season with his Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Eddie Murphy impressions. Recently on The Late Show, Pharoah showed David Letterma ...

Hurricane Tomas claims lives in ravaged Haiti

Flooding sparked by heavy rain from Hurricane Tomas has killed at least two people in Haiti, and earthquake survivors living in makeshift camps have been urged to seek shelter in safer places. A day after another person was reported killed whil ...

Crude Awakening - a call for mass action to switch off oil

Action group Crude Awakening in collaboration with Climate Justice Action and Climate Camp have organised a day of protest against the oil industry and the oil companies destruction of the environment. The planned mass action is due to take place on Saturd ...

Action-packed fight enlivens US Open Tennis Championships

For some the game of tennis is the most repetitive of sports. But just 3 days into the US Open Tennis Championships a real live fight broke out in the stands. The most exciting moment ever, at a tennis match? It seems likely. The New York Post narrates the ...