Tories drawn into the troughing

The expenses scandal that has for the past few days blighted the government and some Labour MPs has now shifted to some senior troughing Tories, although some members of the Tory front bench claims were straightforward, according to the Telegraph. Tory leader David Cameron appeared on the BBC News at Ten and said sorry for some of his Party MPs' troughings. That is more than what old FLASH GORDON has done over the past few weeks. The way Cameron handles the revelations on the Tory side this week will be key to how the public view him as a potential PM and leader. Although, even if you are a Westminster political saint, (not that any are) they will still believe that you are a trougher on the take. The stories do not exactly fill you with confidence that the Tories are any different than the Labour troughers.
The past few weeks have been a nightmare for politics and Westminster. I feel a total House clean is in order - followed by a general election. Not holding out hope though, Labour will want to cling on for as long as they can, probably easing on their troughing though!
Full details of the Tory troughing here. UPDATE: FLASH GORDON also says sorry today, following the Cameron line that British politics has been damaged by the treacle of revelations. BIT LATE?????