TUC Splashes out on cool advice

A campaign urging British employers to cool down their employees' amid the rising heatwave was launched today.

The TUC's 'Cool Work' campaign is based on a Japanese model where employees were encouraged to dress down at their place of work.

Japanese Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi was boasted to have ripped off his tie urging his country's workforce to copy him.

While the body is not advocating that all employee's turn up in beach wear, they are urging employers' to be flexible during the heatwave.

They also claim that a more comfortable workforce are more productive.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber, said: 'We'd like British Bosses to work cool and take the Japanese Premiers advice and dress down a little for summer. It's no fun baking in an office or factory  and employers should do all they can to take the temperature down.'

The General Secretary also claimed that frontline workers and staff involved in important meetings should dress appropriately, but other staff should be able to 'discard their tights, ties and suits.'

A free package of advice has been issued for employers on how to keep their employees' cool, including: dressing down for work, issuing fans and portable air cabinets, and installing air conditioning, maintaining it regularly. Issuing a Flexi-time system where workers have regular fluid breaks and avoiding hotspots such as desks near windows.

With temperatures expected to rise to over 100 degrees farenheit, the cool advice could not come at a more deserving time for employees.

The advice can be accessed on the TUC's WorkSMART website on www.worksmart.org.uk.