Is Twitter damaging 'real' news gathering?

IS TWITTER DAMAGING REAL NEWS REPORTING? That is the argument being put about in some of the press globally. That Twitter is posing a risk to the get up and go mentality of mainstream journalists. Bloggers and mainstream journalists are now using Twitter more than ever to find off the cuff stories, and interact with 'leads' to get a scoop. But press heads claim that sitting in front of a screen all day and exchanging pleasantries with new followers, like you do on Facebook, is preventing hacks from getting a 'real' scoop in the real world. Balance is the key here. Twitter, if done properly needn't be a burden. It is simply another source for news. If there is no story on Twitter, there is no news. But isn't that why you have an application like Twhirl? So that you can get on with your 'real' job, come back to your desk, and find your Twitter still beeping. Full story HERE. Find out more about Twhirl HERE. Co-founder Evan Williams describes Twitter's success in the video above