Two die in London Underground crash

Abigail Obeng

Two suspected graffiti artists have been killed by a London Underground train in East London on the arrest of a 23 year old man held under suspicion of criminal damage.

Two men aged 19 and 21 were hit by a District Line train on Friday at Barking Depot at 11.06pm says the British Transport Police.

Superintendant Paul Crowther said a security guard witnessed a group of boys spraying graffitti   just before the crash. The pair were found dead at the scene said a spokesman from the London Ambulance service.

The security personnel failed to chase the boys.

Superintendant Paul Crowther added:   "It appears that they ran into the path of the train having emerged from a nearby depot. The train driver did try to stop but was unable to do so."

Lincolnshire Police officer PC Rick Mosley said  :  "It's a shame that the young lives of two have been thrown away due to recklessness. Spraying graffiti is an offence of criminal damage and it is important for youths to be aware of their personal safety and the  consequences they may have to face  for commiting such an offence."

London Underground spoke out on their  services. Services between East Ham and Dagenham  were   suspended on Friday night after the incident.

Police  are using CCTV footage to investigate the incident.