U-turn of Italian justice in Knox appeal

Murder of Meredith Kercher

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US citizens Amanda Knox and Rafeale Sollecito have been cleared of the murder of Meredith Kercher (pictured) – although one person is still in jail – Rudy Guede.


Knox and Sollecito had already served four years in a cage for the wrongful conviction but are now free agents in a bizarre u-turn of Italian justice in Perugia, Italy, where Knox had been studying Italian at the university before being accused of murder.


She had apparently been an acquaintance of Kircher – and had turned into a friend of the murdered 21-year-old British student.


Earlier on the family of the dead girl Meredith Kercher had held a press conference in order to make sure that the death of their daughter had not been forgotten.


They said they hoped that justice would prevail – and had expressed their admiration for the Italian justice system and the way it operated.


But they said they would accept the decision either way – although Arline Kercher the mother looked dazed as the verdict was read out.


When the appeal verdict was read out, Knox broke down in tears – and was ushered off by Italian police to begin the process of freedom.


Knox had been sentenced in 2009. Their had been many rumours swirling surrounding the trial – including claims of her promiscuous and lurid lifestyle – which she told in her defence appeal that she did not kill, rape, or steal.


She has spent One thousand four hundred and fifty days and nights in jail, and it is not yet known what the freed American will do – whether she will return back to the US, or stay in Italy. Her family watched the verdict from the US in Seattle.


Friends and supporters of Amanda Knox had been campaigning tirelessly to reveal the other side of her – by setting up a website to accept donations from people who believed her innocence.


However, although she is free, there could be an appeal lodged by the prosecution, assuming they decide to go down that route – but, if she returned to the US, they could ask the US authorities to extradite her back – which is unheard of.


Rafaele Sollecito’s father said: “Tonight I had got my son back.”


Knox’s sister Deanna was thankful that justice had been served in the case of her sister being cleared of Kercher’s murder.


There were three possible outcomes in the Knox appeal verdict.


Knox could have had the original sentence upheld, to which she would have served 26 years in jail. She had already served four.


She could have had the conviction quashed – which happened. Or, she could have had her sentence decreased.


According to reports, the testimonies of both Knox and Sollecito were sketchy of the night in question.


But prosecuting lawyers during the appeal had claimed she was addicted to drugs, drink, and sex – claims she denied all along.


Knox, 24, and Sollecito had originally been a couple – but Sollecito had apparently in court still professed his love for Knox before taking off a love bracelet in court.


Kircher’s family had urged the jurors in the case to “ignore the media hype” and come to a verdict based on the evidence.


DNA evidence was apparently flimsy, with a blooded bra being one example of flimsy DNA evidence that had not been examined 46 days after.


Knox had apparently told her lawyers that she had not been able to eat, sleep durng her nightmare, and in court said she was being punished for something she had not done. She also said in fluent Italian that she had lost a friend – and also wanted justice for Meredith.

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