Using The Hcg Drops Diet Plan Provides You Vital Benefits

In countries around the world, obesity is a rapidly increasing public health issue. Studies show that more than 50% of all adults are obese or overweight. Those who are overweight or obese and have been for some time often report that they have tried many different diets and plans in an attempt to lose the weight but find that little has helped, luckily the hcg drops diet plan is a far better option.

While there are many so called "fad" diets popular today, there are other plans which have proven results and which offer patients the chance for substantial weight loss. One of these plans is the protocol known as hCG. This physician-developed plan has garnered a lot of attention recently and it is now easy for people to access.

hCG is a hormone produced in the female body during pregnancy. It was discovered that the hormone had other applications, specifically for substantial weight loss. When combined with a low calorie intake of 500 calories per day, the protocol has been shown to provide incredible results for individuals within a short amount of time.

The hormone itself can be found in different forms, including pills, drops, and injections. The highest dosage of the hormone is often an injection format which must be prescribed by a doctor to access. However, there are now homeopathic forms of the substance, usually in pill or drop format, which people can access over the counter without any prescription or doctor oversight.

In addition to taking the hormone itself, there is a recommended eating plan that patients are asked to follow in order to maximize their results. This diet entails drastically limiting calories; with no more than 600 calories to be eaten each day. Many patients follow a stricter 500 calorie per day regime which is low in sugars, starches, and carbohydrates.

While any diet so low in calories will result in large amounts of weight loss, the hormone protocol actually helps patients cope by lowering appetite. Moreover, the hormone also ensures that the weight which is lost comes from fat deposits and not from lean muscle. An extremely low-calorie diet alone usually starts with weight loss coming from lean muscle tissue before it comes from fat stores.

Patients must follow the three individual phases of the protocol to get the full benefits and practice the plan safely. The first phase asks patients to eat very fatty foods for the first two days they take the hormone. From there on out, the patient has to restrict their caloric-intake and drastically reduce the consumption of fats, carbs, and sugars while taking the hormone.

Most patients stay on phase one of the hcg drops diet plan for around thirty days. They then go into phase two which entails stopping the protocol but continuing with the calorie-restricted regime for two days. Phase three sees the reintroduction of starches and sugars back into the patient's diet and from there they simply have to monitor their weight and may go back onto the program and start from phase one should they see a weight gain of more than two pounds over their final weight after phase one.

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