War crimes court slammed over Ugandan rebel


French businessman and African insider Jean-Yves Ollivier is very critical toward the International Criminal Court (ICC) when it comes to Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army's (LRA) crimes.
According to Ollivier, who recently published an Op-Ed in Slate, the Ugandese civil war and the atrocities commited by the LRA could have come to an end in 2006. Unfortunately, the ICC dogmatic posture derailed the peace negotiations.

In 2006 says Jean-Yves Ollivier, Ugandese President Yoweni Museveni and LRA leader Joseph Kony started peace talks which were about to succeed.
Museveni sent former Mozambican president Joachim Chissano and Jean-Yves Ollivier to negociate with Kony who accepted to sign a peace deal in exchange of some cattle, two houses in his home village and of course an amnesty from the international court.
Anyone can see the moral dilema about seing a monster such as Joseph Kony living happily ever after and not being trialed for the mass killings he is responsible of... But on another hand this peace agreement would have saved thousands of lives, mutilations, rapes.
Joachim Chissano was sent by Museveni to meet ICC prosecutor Luis-Moreno Ocampo and ask him to sign an amnisty. Unfortunately the ICC stood on its dogmatic position and refused to compromise. Without an ICC amnesty, Kony refused to sign the peace treaty and the situation has not evolved since.