Warning of ‘five divine devils’ to humans

The Five ‘Divine Devils’ as per Hindu mythology are called as‘Pancha Bhootas’ i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky atmosphere (‘Pancha means Five, ‘Bhootas’ means Forces) are now getting angery to declare war on the human beings and on their dangerous activities around the world. Since the period of Industrialiasation man had declared war on the ‘Five Divine Devils’ and humans have done several atrocities on the Five Divine Forces and on the ‘Mother Earth’ for their selfish ends.

Humans have been digging into deep and severely injuring the ‘Mother Earth’ to extract the oil, gas, metals, and minerals etc. like fools sitting on the tree branch and cutting the tree from the bottom. The humans are perpetually revealing their ingratitude towards the ‘Mother Earth’, who had given them birth and nurturing them. Humans are destroying Mother Earth’s natural shape, for their business desires, taking it granted that they are superiors than the ‘Mother Earth’ and the Five Divine Forces, that are the casue for the very existence of mankind on the earth. Except Humans no other living beings on the Earth, Water or Air, such as animals, trees, birds, ocean beings are causing harm and destruction to the Mother Earth and to the other divine forces.  Humans are sucking the Mother Earth’s blood (oil, gas, minerals, metals) indiscriminately and mercilessly, with out fear of sin and God.  

So much tolerance has been shown by the ‘Mother Earth’ so far towards her sons and daughters living on her surface despite their horrible misdeeds on her.  So far the ‘Mother Earth’ along the other divine forces is only occasionally giving mild scoldings in the form of Haricanes, Tornodos, Tsunamis, Earth quakes, floods, forest fires, and inclement weather to humans for their misdeeds, due to her enormous tolerance, kindness towards the humans beings. Unable to bear even those small scoldings or admonishings of Five Divine Forces man is running from pillar to post to hide from the ‘Haricanes’ (Hurricane), (‘Hari’ means Lord Narayana, Cane means Stick – Haricane means the stick in the hand of Lord Narayana and ‘just a very unintentional small movement of sway of divine stick in the hand of Lord Narayana leads to cause of “Hurricane’ in the Ocean, Narayana means one who generated from ‘Naramu’ means water and one who emerged from water), shivering and getting enormously scared when Mother Earth is quaking so mildly just 7.5 or 8 on the Richter magnitude scale. When we are suffering this much damage to our development, with the just and simple unintentional movements of those Divine Powers, - if they really get awakened completely with anger on us, can we survive?

Is it possible for humans to survive any more on the Earth if the ‘Mother Earth’ quake herself for about 20 or 30 on the Richter magnitude scale? No fellow would survive to ware cloths on this earth how egoistic and powerful he might be. In spite of knowing this, humans are continuing their destructive acts by damaging water, air, atmosphere, earth and by misusing the fire. They describe ‘damage’ as ‘development’. They say flying across the sky, traveling from earth to outer atmosphere by Air Motors (Rockets) using lot of fuel extracted from Mother Earth and watching other planets from there, taking photographs to find out minerals, oil, gas inside the earth and oceans, is all development for them. Their meaning to development is, to dig out more and more Minerals, Metals, Fuel, Gas from Earth and Oceans to create vaccumes in the mother earth’s inner layers, only to cause big grave yards to mankind. When those vaccumes beneth the sea shores or under the earth gets adjusted causing small earth quakes, man gets fear and run here and there to save his life.  

Had our Ancestors not travelled from earth to other planets through sky and into the outer space in the fuel-less flying carriers (Pushpaka Viman) with their ‘Mantra powers’ without releasing pollution and causing damage to earth and outer space atmosphere? Had our Ancestors like Sage Narada not travelled across the sky from one planet to another? Had ‘Pravaraksha’ not flown into sky by applying juices of some tree leaves to his feet and travelled towards Himalaya Mountains from South India with his Mantra Powers?  That is called perfect development. Those abilities of our Ancestors never polluted the Air, Water, Sky, and Earth and never misused Fire. ‘Devetas’, ‘Yakshas’, ‘Gandhravas’, ‘Kinneras’, ‘Kimpurushas’ are even today travelling across the sky on their own, without sitting in any carriers/vehicles, but they are never visible to our sinful and powerless Eyes.

When the Oceans and river waters reveal their anger on humans in the form of Tsunami or other cyclones, floods humans would run from one place to another, forgetting that how much pollution they caused for those Oceans and Rivers. When the Air reveals its anger in the form of Tornodos or other Air Rings all our motor vehicles, buildings, hoardings would rise up to sky and fall down, causing severe damage. Or when air gets stuck up in the mid-summer we get a lot of sweat and we eagerly switch on our air coolers and fans to get sigh of relief. When the Forest Fire breaks out our Fire extinguisihing engines becomes toys before such forest fires and we run away leaving homes in our villages. When fire struck to our ships or buildings we jump down to save our lives instead of fighting with the fire. That is what our incapacity is, before the nature forces. When the sky becomes dark in the day time with big clouds swarming and shrouding the sun light and causing alarming thunders and lightnings above our heads we feel scared and pray God from any kind of dangers to our lives, forgetting how much damage we are causing every day to air by emitting pollution into air and earth atmosphere.

As along as these Five Divine Forces show mercy on us we survive on this earth. Otherwise our Rocket technology, satellite technology, building technology our laws and our weaponery, nothing and nothing would save our lives from the anger and wrath of nature forces. When we are doing things in the guise of development, we must always keep in mind and remember the scaring moments we have gone through during invasions of Tsunamis, Earth quakes, Hurricanes, Tornodos, Cyclones and Forest Fires etc., and must behave consciously when dealing with the ‘Pancha bhootas’. So this mankind must stop their misadventurous steps towards the Nature Forces. Humans must learn to live under the Order of the Nature, not they must try to Order the Nature.  By dchaitanya