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At The-Latest citizen journalism is at the heart of the website. What we want to hear about are the issues that matter to you. The part our members play in making the news is paramount.

Whether it is breaking news, a feature, or a blog http://www.the-latest.com/how-to-blog, your contribution makes all the difference.

Have you seen or been involved in a news event?

Is something significant, bizarre or unusual happening where you live?

Have you got a story to tell or is there something you think we should follow up?

You might be a whistle-blower with vital information the public has a right to know about. Or, you can uncover facts the authorities are keeping secret using freedom of information law: http://www.the-latest.com/freedom-of-information-advice

Email your story, pictures, video or audio to us at newsdesk@the-latest.com

Or, click on the 'Publish an Article' tab at the top right of this page. It you're unsure how to upload or re-size a pic then use our FAQs in the left hand column of the front page to solve the problem. Here 's some good advice which will help you as a citizen journalist: http://www.the-latest.com/how-to-get-stories

If you have an idea for a debate, or any suggestions about how we can improve the website please send them to feedback@the-latest.com

Organisations like Sky, the BBC, other broadcasters and much of the press, pretend to be friends of citizen journalism. But they won't pay you for what you give them. At The-Latest, despite limited resources, we have already handed out cheques to winners of our writing competitions. We've got plans to do the same for pics.

The-Latest will make sure you get good money for stories, pics, audio and video if we are able to sell them on to news media with cash to spend.