Web guru plans to run across US

A US entrepreneur is planning in September this year to run across the United States hoping to raise $100 million dollars for Teenage Homelessness. Tellman Knudson got the idea from visiting the multi-millionaire Virgin boss Richard Branson's private island, and decided that he would do something as daring as what Branson has done in the past. Knudson said: "Many times when a new Virgin company starts up, he does some big, huge crazy publicity stunt that gets him tons of attention and usually pushes the limits of something that's been done before, too. He's worked at setting records on land-speed records and speeds in race boats across the ocean and hot-air balloon treks and all sorts of crazy things. He's almost died like nine." He then said that after meeting Branson, he asked himself key questions on how he could further his business. And he had a brainwave. He said: "And so I was out for a run trying to figure this out, and I was like,  "Dude, I could run across the country." I don't even know if that's been done before, and so I got back from my run, and I announced to Jody, my partner, and a couple of people that were in the  "Tellmansion" at that point that that's exactly what I was going to do." Knudson is an internet entrepreneur on the internet marketing side. click here for more info.