Wedding photographers are all the rage

Learn How to Find a Wedding Photographer Who will do Exactly what you Want

When you're drawing up your budgetary plans for your wedding, it might be tempting to skimp on what you spend on your photographer. After all, you figure, couldn't uncle Bob do it? He's had a reputation as the photographer in the family for quite a while and he's certainly bored everyone to death talking about photography forever. Well, you do need to find a wedding photographer. A professional one. This kind of thinking won't do for all kinds of reasons.

The reason you believe that taking good pictures is a fairly simple thing is that today's digital cameras are perfectly capable of taking first-class professional-quality pictures under certain favourable conditions. This never used to be the way things were when everyone had film cameras.

The problem is that at a wedding, the lighting is far from perfect. There is the lighting of the church to think about, there is the sunlight, there are candles, there are bright, white garments, there are all the shadows of the interiors of the church – even the best-equipped digital cameras can't do a whole lot in these circumstances without an expert photographer at the controls.

Certainly, you don't have to find a wedding photographer if uncle Bob knows all about exposure and knows when the perfect shot is about to happen through long practice. That usually isn't the case. A professional wedding photographer needs to be part of the scenery – he needs to be unobtrusive. That's how the photographer can manage to capture great shots as and when they happen.

To find a wedding photographer who's truly professional, you need someone who already has a portfolio. That's how you get to know what kind of style he has. Merely relying on a friend's recommendation not do. Because people happen to have different kinds of tastes.

Most pro wedding photographers will offer you a choice of different kinds of packages. Each package will include a different kind of set for the bride's family and the groom's family, smaller albums for other important relatives, a few enlargements they can frame, and so on. Make a note of what each photographer you come across charges for the kind of package you are interested in. And make sure that you package includes the negatives.

What you're looking for in a wedding photographer is more than just professionalism and affordability. You're looking for talent – an ability to frame things in such a way that the results turn out to be touching. Photographs can't actually capture the emotions of the moment. Only a really talented photographer can do that.

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