Welcome to your new state of the art website

We’re delighted to bring you a brand new site. After months of work, the wonderfully talented developer Juan Breinlinger has made it for us to unveil today. 

Throughout the painstaking process, he has been advised by webmaster Len McLaughlin. The brilliant Georgina Breinlinger designed the super new logo. Hover over the logo and it wobbles! Editor Marc Wadsworth and his deputy Deborah Hobson have guided the process to deliver a site that offers the most up to date online features, including one that makes it mobile device-friendly, for all of you with smartphones, iPads and the like. 
We want you to have the best user experience possible on a bright, modern, easy to navigate site that is image and video-led. 
Because of the increasing menace of spammers we’ve reluctantly had to bring in some restrictions. For instance, our registered users can no longer instantly publish blogs and comments on stories. Now such content will go into a moderation queue for approval by our editors, as is the case for most other sites. 
We hope you enjoy the new site and will spread the word about it to all your contacts. You could use our social media buttons to do this. And, above all, please contribute stories, comments, blogs, images and video for these are the lifeblood of The-Latest.Com’s citizen journalism.  
To make it easier to submit content, we have introduced Your Report, a new feature that allows anyone, anywhere – whether a registered user or not – to send it to us. 
We’ve produced a page to help guide registered users to submit content. As a registered user you can submit stories, blogs, comments and have access to the hugely popular Journalism Tips. All content from the old site has been migrated to the new one. But, if you spot any errors, formatting or otherwise, please let us know. 
Your feedback about the new site would be greatly welcomed.