West is real enemy huffs Iranian leader

President of Iran @ Columbia University.

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BRITISH PM David Cameron packed a punch in his speech at the UN in New York this evening, (Thursday), by landing an off the cuff right hook at the President of Iran.


He accused the Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  of standing in the way of “real democracy” of his country by suppressing free speech, free media, and legitimate protest among his people.


His off the cuff swipe came as the Iranian leader had only minutes earlier been speaking at the same meeting, in which he had also raged about the West being the real preventers of reform, and the media suppressing free comment around issues such as the Holocaust.


Cameron also said it was all very well to hold elections, but they had to be “free” elections.


The Iranian leader had apparently stormed off in a huff.


He also accused the West of blame involving the World Wars, the Financial Crisis, and had brought it all on themselves.


Cameron, in his speech, said that Libya had shown the Arab Spring that there was a real appetite for democracy across it.


He wanted to see representatives from Israel and Palestine get around the table and talk, but said that the Palestinians should have a viable state of their own.


The PM said that most people across the Arab Spring yearned for democracy, like Libya. All they wanted was a stake in their country’s future, but he acknowledged it wouldn’t happen overnight – and it wasn’t irreversible.


Cameron also touched on the UN’s role claiming that it was for individual states to lead the change across the Arab Spring.


It is the first time that David Cameron has addressed a meeting of the United Nations in New York as British PM.


He said it was an honour to be there.

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