What about EU troughing?

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Lend us your cash. Our wallets are thin, our Houses need furnishing, and our families need feeding on Roast beef and fine wine. Can you spare a poor old politician something?" Politicians have finally realised the obvious this week. It is 'our' money they have been stealing. And that is the crux of the matter, some of our elected UK representatives have been stealing. Common thievery. Paying it back in full is not what a thief does when he steals a family's silverware after breaking in, is it? Campaigns can often lead to bigger campaigns. So, now the troughing has been exposed in the UK parliament, let's focus the attention onto European troughing. I am sure there is troughing of epic proportions going on there. Remember, the UK pays a proportion of money to the European enterprise. It is 'our' money. And it is being wasted. It's not referred to as 'the gravy train' of Europe for nothing! FINAL THOUGHT: Remember March 2009? A committee of MPs quizzing four bankers over their mistakes in the banking system? What a difference a few months makes... I wonder what Fred the shred Goodwin is thinking about all this? I suspect he is rubbing his hands with glee. Wouldn't it be funny if the bankers became the interrogators and started interrogating the MPs in a committee session. It would be almost as entertaining as watching an episode of Judge John Deed. Looking forward to more troughing revelations tomorrow.