What is little Johnny up to?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++BIG DADDY IS WATCHING YOU+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WITH news that the National Council Training for Journalists (NCTJ) are going to introduce social networking journalism to their curriculum, alongside the traditional media orientated certificates, such as law, shorthand and Public Affairs, it seems they are not the only ones cottoning onto the fact that Twitter and Facebook are beginning to rule the world.

INCA Award 2009 WINNER: Twoddler from IBBT on Vimeo.

Last week, Toddler Brown, (Gordon's son,) very cunningly posted gobbledegook on his mum's Twitter page, but now, it seems, testings at Belgium's Hasselt University have cottoned onto toddler tweeting, or, as it is more aptly called Twoddler. The new tech toy, currently in development, means that a baby or toddler's movements can be tracked on Twitter, and then sent directly to a smartphone to alert the parent as to the movements of their child - particularly if the child is in the care of a child minder or nanny. When the toddler pushes an image button related to mummy or daddy, on the gadget, mummy and daddy are 'alerted' by the process described above. The tweet may read something like 'I'm missing mommy.' You could say it's a mini style big brother, or should we say, 'Big Daddy is still watching you?' So what's little Johnny doing right now? He's just done a big one in his diapers...